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Sun 18 Sep: Replanting William Blake’s Angel Oak on Peckham Rye

London based artist and director of the Difference Exchange – placing critical artistic practice in provocative contexts

Dear Peckhamites

Please join me this Sunday from 12noon in Peckham Rye for the Replanting of William Blake’s Angel Oak

In 1765 at the age of 8, William Blake saw his first vision while walking on Peckham Rye. ‘A tree filled with angels, bright angelic wings bespangling every bough like stars.’

In collaboration with the Blake Society and the Forestry Commission, John Hartley has saved an oak sapling from the eroding margins of England and transplanted it to Peckham Rye. This tree will be brought as near as possible to the location of Blake’s original tree to be replanted as an invitation to future generations of Peckham Angels, whatever form they may take. The sapling will be planted by Linda Foster, Head of Southwark’s Libraries and preceded by a talk and tour by Mexican artist Adriana Diaz-Encisco ‘In Search of Angels’.

Meet at 12pm by the cafe in Peckham Rye

Hope to see you there. Alternatively, once planted the Angel Oak can be visited at map reference 51.455867,-0.063448

John Hartley <>



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