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call for volunteers for post-riot community painting


Post-riot community painting

Some of us (local shopkeepers and local residents) want to make Parkstone Square (a turning off Rye Lane just south of Bournemouth Road)) look more beautiful by a community cleaning and painting event, probably in the last weekend of October. We’re inspired by Lekki Beach on Rye Lane, which showed that high quality design can use very basic and affordable materials (black gloss paint, white and black flock wallpaper) to stunning effect in Peckham now.

Many people really like this idea – we already have 35 cans of paint, and 10 volunteer painters – but we need even more.  Can you help with any of the following?

High quality design assistance
Technical paint advice

Making posters about donation points and times and the event
Putting posters up throughout Peckham, contacting relevant networks etc

Donating paint or brushes
Staffing local paint and brush donation points
Paint and brush storage

Liaison with council officers (planning issues, contacting building owners, post-event rubbish
removal; agreement for activity already obtained in principle)

And last but not least, the cleaning and painting itself!

If you can help with any of these, or have any additional suggestions, please email:

Many thanks

Anna Plodowski


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