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11/AP/3301 new advertising hoardings on Peckham Rye

Hi local residents near Peckham Rye & Bellenden

We have just discovered a planning application for what looks like a very big advertising hoarding for Peckham Rye on the island in the middle of the road opposite Nigel Road where Rye Lane becomes Peckham Rye. The deadline for comments is 17 December, but we are told comments can still be made next week. But we have no time to lose to get comments in.

The application is to install for 5 years, ie until 2016, an “internally illuminated 6-Sheet Advertising Panel. The panel will display 3 x scrolling advertising posters on one side and a further advertising poster on its reverse side.” The size appears from the application to be about 9′ x 5′ (2.74m x 1.47m)

This seems a very big intrusion into that space on Peckham Rye. It is just where the crowded town centre gives way to the open space leading to Peckham Rye Common. A large sum of public money has just been spent removing horrible street furniture clutter which were eyesores. It seems very perverse to have another form of street clutter in big advertising panels imposed there in that space. But what do you think?

You can see the details on the Council planning application website.

Go to
copy and paste 11/AP/3301 into the Application Quick Search boxthen click on the Number 11/AP/3301
then click on Documents in the top of the information box
this then gives links for the application form, and other details.

You should send your comments ASAP to,

If you have any queries please let us know. Please email us a copy of your comments to Bellenden Residents’ Group <>


3 responses to “11/AP/3301 new advertising hoardings on Peckham Rye

  1. Niamh McClean 6 January 2012 at 11:43 am

    Hi – just had a look at this and the application has been refused, thankfully!

  2. Delia Morgan 2 February 2012 at 3:19 pm

    Unfortunately, the Council has done a deal with JC de Caux for 100 of these around the borough- ror 5 years!
    11/AP/3301 was refused after our efforts, but another planning application has appeared for the same type of advertising panel to be erected in the same area, this time next to Nigel Rd.
    the number is 11-AP-4185.
    Please go into the planning register following the instructions above, and send in an objection. The deadline for consultation is 11th February.

  3. Delia Morgan 5 February 2012 at 1:10 pm

    The site is not Nigel Rd, it’s 24 Rye Lane outside the Halifax Building Society. Still unnecessary, unattractive and unwanted.

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