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19 January 7.30pm – coming together in Peckham post-riots

Last summer following the public disorders, a new network began to grow in Peckham of people who wanted to change the way we relate to each other and get things done in Peckham for the collective good. The notes of the last meeting in October are pasted below. The next meeting will be on

7.30pm – 9.00pm tea etc from 7pm
at All Saints Church hall (behind the church, entrance from Blenheim Grove)See the details below. Anyone keen to take part is welcome. We look forward to seeing you.
Dear all,

Happy New Year! I hope you are excited about 2012, it’s a year full of promise!

Just wanted to remind you about the next Peckham Network get together on Thursday 19th January at 7:30-9pm (tea and coffee and maybe belated mince pies from 7) at All Saints Church, Blenheim Grove.

We’ll be following on from the last one talking about who we met in Peckham, updates and The BIG Question…. ? What is a healthy community?? and what are we going to do together to achieve it!

Really look forward to seeing you there and as ever please pass this on or feel free to invite others.

Happy new year again,

Ann-Marie Yiannis

  ——- Forwarded message follows ——-
Subject:    The Peckham Network
From:       Ann-Marie Yiannis <>
Date:       Tue, 15 Nov 2011

I would like to re-introduce you to the no-longer acclaimed ‘Post-riot Peckham’ crew, you are now part of ‘The Peckham Network’!

The last meeting was really exciting and you can see below the outcome of this on-going conversation. We decided the main (and many) purposes of the network and what we want to be working on together and started a conversation about how this might happen (see grid below for a summary).

We set ourselves two tasks for the next meeting:

1)      The adding FIVE Challenge! – To each make 5 new Peckham connections – that could be your neighbours, shop keepers, faces you always see but never talk to etc. We don’t want to be just talking about ‘community developing’ – we want to be actively building our own local community!

2)      The BIG Question…. ‘What is a healthy community?’ – If we are working towards something we need to know what… we are not any longer just trying to pick up the pieces that the riots left behind, we want to look at positive ideas of what we are trying to create, together! So, our task is to ask the big question, in as many different ways as necessary to all our networks and local connections. We want to build the picture of a ‘Great Peckham Community’ so we can work towards it. So, come to the next meeting ready with yours, but more importantly, your network’s ideas to this BIG QUESTION!

The next meeting will be on Thursday 19th January at 7:30-9pm (tea and coffee and maybe belated mince pies from 7) at All Saints Church, Blenheim Grove.

I have also attached a google docs for us to share contact details directly. This was specifically for all those who have added themselves to a ‘working group’ under the categories we decided and wanted to carry on being in contact and discussing. If you would like to share your contact details on in this public document, please click on the link below:

LtqSYzmdjaaA8QrQGbZgS8HY7k3-jphnc/edit>  – the username = communitydev and the password =

Please remember that these contact details are open to everyone but not everybody who is involved will wish to share their information. Please keep in contact but be mindful of others who are part of the network!

Just for a brief update, the painting on Parkstone Road was done, with a lot of community input, well done Anna for arranging this! We are now talking about what happens next…

The Deep Democracy listening events have also continued and have been very successful, the next one is on 5th December!

So, with nothing else for now, Merry Christmas and see you in the exciting new year!


The Peckham Settlement team!

Campaign: What does a healthy community look like?

.         A shared vision

.         An action plan

.         Generating ideas

.         Helping  to connect the dots

Flow of information

.         Including residents/ voluntary sector/ businesses/ council

.         Knowing what is going on

.         Knowing  who is doing what

.         Being better informed /connected

.         Know how to access what is going on

.         Links
Building community

.         Networking space/get to know each

.         Skills/ assets audit

.         Joining our networks

.         Events/ get together

.         Extend the network – other local residents/organisations/sectors

Being equipped/ supported

.         To put action plans into practice

.         To get to know your neighbours

.         Share skills

.         To get involved where you are needed

Ann-Marie Yiannis
Community and Programmes Manager
The Peckham Settlement
t: 020 7639 1823   f: 020 7635 9830   m: 07814 861 511
a: Goldsmith Road, Peckham, London SE15 5TF
Ann-Marie Yiannis <>


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