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McDermott Grove Gardens news

Message to residetns in Rye Lane West from Friends of McDermott Grove.

Item from
Friends Of McDermott Grove, SE15   Awarded £4,421
McDermott Grove Community Garden is a site of 1200 square m [corner of McDermott Road & Costa Street]. The land is owned by Southwark Council, and managed by the Friends Group. The garden is an important space for leisure and recreation in a dense urban area where residents have very small gardens if at all. The group would like to encourage the use of the site by the wider community and enlarge the volunteer circle to involve many ethnic groups. They aim to share skills, promote the site, continue to garden and to liaise with local groups, and translate leaflets into other languages.

There are tree works booked with a local trees surgeon on 25th January 2012 so the gates may be closed to avoid hazards. below are notes to update you about ongoing works at McDermott Grove and ideas we have with a local builder, who has helped fund new tools for Payback and tree works, as the site is by his development of corner new build flats.

Following a review of trees at McDermott Grove and a site visit by Southwark Planning Team, Tree Officer, we have approval and support for tree surgery.
This is with funds from the builder adding the corner new small flats on McDermott Road and Costa Street. He has given time and money to assist with the side “work and wildlife” area, clearing rubbish and noting ideas so we can plan for improvements.

We are interested in any feedback from local neighbours and the near community, as we may need to put together new funding applications and assist the “Payback Team”, working with young offenders, to do ongoing maintenance and build new features with materials we think are needed.

We would welcome ideas and assistance with these developments.

Friends of McDermott Grove.
Simon McDonald
d +44 20 7755 3833
m +44 7990551622



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