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volunteer actors and theatre crew needed

Calling local people to volunteer as actors – amateurs and professionals – and theatre crew for a fund-raising Theatre show in the Bussey building for the benefit of charity Bede House domestic violence work.

Message from EmmaJane a local Peckham resident, email:

I’m putting on a fund-raising theatre show at The Bussey Building at 133 Rye Lane.

I’ve been running these shows up in the ‘West End’ for the last couple of years but I wanted to go local this time round. It’s always a good laugh and for an amazing cause As an example – our last 2 shows gave a considerable donation towards making this happen: “Women who could not lift their heads six months ago, strutting across a stage.”

This time we’re hoping to raise money for local charity Bede House, which has had all its domestic violence funding cut and runs out of money in April. Hopefully we can help them survive for a little while longer. Also, some of our money goes to the V Day spotlight charity which this year is setting up women’s refuges in Haiti.

I would really love for local people to be involved in the show, we need women for The Vagina Monologues and men and women for A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer – so if you know any actors who’d like to audition – all are welcome – amateurs and professionals, just drop me a line letting me know you’re interested. Also looking for theatre crew who’d be up for volunteering and volunteers in general, we’ll be needing ushers, flyering, and general activist fabulousness.

I’ve set up a Facebook page with some info here:

And interested parties can email me at

Thank so much!

Emma Jane


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