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Peckham Portas pilot

To all on the Peckham Town Centre Forum (PTCF) list

The Council are working on a bid for a Portas pilot for Peckham town centre, to be submitted by 30 March. This is a Government programme to encourage town centre partnerships or consortiums to produce “innovative ideas about how to transform their local high street into a social place, bustling with people, services and jobs” and become fit for the 21st century: The council asked Southwark groups and organisations for expressions of interest before deciding which town centre / high st to focus on.

Peckham Vision put in a proposal for Peckham using the outcome of previous discussions in the Forum, see here:

The team putting the bid together for the Council will have a stand at our exhibition (from 4pm) on 14th March, and they are advertising the exhibition and meeting (7pm) on Wednesday to the Rye Lane & High St businesses.

This is an important opportunity for all town centre businesses and enterprises to find out how they could benefit and also contribute, as well as others with interests in the town centre. So do come and find out more on Wednesday. They are keen to bring people in and gauge the interest and potential contributions.

If you want to meet them and discuss the project on the 14th March, it would be advisable to get there in time before the meeting which will be celebrating and reporting all the town centre achievements to date and other plans now in the pipeline. So the time for enquiries and discussions on the Portas pilot project in particular would be from 4pm to 7pm.

This is a great opportunity to connect our individual and shared ideas and projects to help develop an innovative exciting proposal for energising our town centre. So hope you can come to the exhibition or meeting to hear more and meet the team putting together the Portas bid.

We have linked them to the meeting, in Peckham Library on Monday 19 March 6.15pm, for local creative enterprises in Peckham. That meeting is arranged by the Council Culture department to plan the Elephant & Nun cultural events in August. The hope is that everyone there can hear also about the Portas pilot work.


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