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our neighbourhood Peckham South in the PNAAP

To local residents and businesses in Bellenden and the SE15 streets west of Rye Lane

This email draws attention to a section in the new draft of the Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan (PNAAP) which is specifically about our local neighbourhood. If you have a personal interest in this neighbourhood, please read this part of the PNAAP, even if you read no other.

The PNAAP (see end of email for further info) covers SE15 postcodes, and has been divided for the Plan into five smaller sub-areas called ‘character areas’:
* Peckham town centre (the ‘core action area’)
* Nunhead, Peckham Rye & Honor Oak
* Peckham South
* Peckham North
* Peckham East

Figure 15 from page 85 of the PNAAP is the map giving the outlines of these areas. See

It is possible to comment on the names and the boundaries chosen for the areas as well as the draft planning policies ascribed to them. This new section is a welcome addition to the Plan, as it brings the planning policy issues much closer to everyone’s literal doorstep and thus a bit easier to relate to. It is an excellent opportunity:
   * to think about the way the wider more remote overall Peckham planning policies relate to our own local neighbourhood.
   * to see if we can get our own immediate local issues addressed by the plan.

Our area has been called Peckham South, and covers SE15 streets to the west of Rye Lane. You can see the draft text for South Peckham in pages 100 to 106 of the PNAAP here: Fig 18 on page 101 shows the map for the area covered by South Peckham. The boundary chosen for this raises issues which call for further consideration as it excludes a big part of Bellenden now attached to South Camberwell ward.

The section on Peckham South is just a few pages, and well worth reading to see if you think anything is missing, or you would want to have any statements or descriptions changed, or if you have any other comments. The key is to think about it from what you know about your own street and other parts of your immediate neighbourhood that you know well. See if the section rings true and what you would like to say about it.

Look especially at the text in the orange boxes with a heading saying ‘Policy’ with a number. These Policy Statements, and the paragraphs below them headed ‘We are doing this because’, will when approved become the legal text against which all further planning developments and proposals will be assessed for the next 15 years. So imagine yourself in the future wanting to protect something important in this neighbourhood and see if that text will give enough to support an objection to an unwelcome development.

Write up your comments in an email and send to the council. This is an important opportunity to contribute personally to the development of this first plan for our neighbourhood.

Matters worth thinking about and commenting on include the following. Further information on each can be seen in the note here: at

1. The boundary of Peckham South
2. Development of back land sites:
3. Poor design of infill developments
4. Shopping frontages
5. Open Space
6. Traffic
7. Car parking
8. Public realm / built environment

If you have any matters to add to this list do please let me know. Also do visit the discussion on the East Dulwich Forum, and contribute your thoughts. The heading is Peckham South – Character Area in PNAAP.

Summary list of relevant weblinks:
* PNAAP copy:

* Map of 5 Character Areas, fig 15 p85:
* Peckham South – map & text:
* BRG Rye Lane West boundary & character:
* Local Issues in Peckham South:

Comments need to be in to the Council by 24 April, to be sent to email: .

Make sure you show your street and postcode so they know where you are located in the area. All comments will appear publically in some form and possibly on the web, so if you want your personal contact details kept private make that clear. If you have any queries on this email do let me know. You can also seek advice from the council via

It will be helpful for me to see comments so I can get an overview for our neighbourhood, so I’d be glad to be cc’d in.

You can see the whole PNAAP (and supporting documents) online at There should also be a copy at the local libraries to have a look at.

But if you want to understand it, I recommend you get your own paper copy. You can get a paper copy by asking the Planning Department for one, giving your name and address to:
– email:
– phone:     020 7525 5471

Bellenden Residents’ Group (BRG)
now in … Peckham South …


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