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Town Centre Forum 14 March follow-up

It is two weeks already since the momentous exhilarating community meeting, about the town centre, in the CLF Art Cafe in the Bussey building on 14th March. We reckon there were over 200 there and we had a non stop stream of visitors from 4pm to the exhibition.

This is to say thank you to all on this mailing list who came. We hope you found it an informative and enjoyable Peckham occasion. It was all so hectic that I forgot to ask people to email us to give us feedback on the event. It is a great motivator, and very useful for planning other events, to hear something directly from participants what it was like.

So if you can remember that far back and would like to email me to give some feedback that would be very welcome. Just things like –
* what did you come for and did you get that?
* was there anything that you wanted to find out that didn’t get covered?
* having heard what is happening do you want to make any suggestions?
* anything else?

If you took any photos (or video clips), please would you send us some so we can get more on the website of such a momentous occasion?

We are part way through sorting out the follow up to the meeting and some material is now on the website here:
* the home page:
* Town Centre Forum interim report:
* photo twitter –

There are two very short videos related to the event now available:
* from Southwark TV about the event:
* from the Portas Pilot bid with several people interviewed at the event showing in the background:

Summary for action:
* email us your feedback and photos
* look at the meeting info now on the website:

follow Peckham Vision on twitter:



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