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Peckham planning – PNAAP comments deadline 24 April

This is a reminder that the last date for comments on the PNAAP (Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan) is on 24th April 2012. You can email comments to: and remember to give your name and postal address.

You can see the PNAAP on line:
click *view online*
on next screen, click on the first line:
Peckham and Nunhead Area Action Plan Preferred Option February 2012 (52.29 MB PDF)

It is a substantial document and easier to read in hard copy. You can get one by asking the Planning Department, giving your name and address to:
– email:
– phone:     020 7525 5471
If you have any queries at all, they encourage you to contact them.

If you don’t have time or inclination to read it all, you might find the suggestions set out below useful. If you cc me in to your comments that would be useful. 



These are key sections to be aware of:

5-6             list of Contents.
32 – 83       policy themes
84-114       Character Areas
115-117     development sites explanation
131 – 165   details for each development site
POLICY THEMES pages 32 – 83
These are substantial sections giving the Council’s preferred options for the local economy, community, transport, housing, environment and heritage. You do not have to read the whole document to comment on a part of it, so choose what is of most interest or concern and focus on that.

CHARACTER AREAS  pages 84 – 114
This is a new development since previous stages. The SE15 area has been divided into five local sub-areas which each appear to have similar land use characters.  If you live or work in postcode SE15, and you do nothing else with the PNAAP, look at this map:  (figure 15, p85)  to see which Character Area your location is in. Then read the pages between 84-114 for what it says for that character area. If you like it, or have any queries or comments or objections write to tell them. This is a key moment for you to have a real say in how the council describes your neighbourhood for planning policy and land use. I have produced some comments and queries for the area called Peckham South which includes my own neighbourhood:

For those who have an interest in the town centre developments, you should look at:
* pages 32-42   (enterprise & town centre – policy theme)
* pages 84-92   (town centre core action area as a character area)
* pages 117, 131-165  (each development site)
There are preferred options in each of these sections for comment. Development sites are those where the Council encourages or expects there to be development of some sort. The PNAAP calls them ‘proposal’ sites. Many of them are in the town centre. They are marked on the proposals map on page 117. Then each of these numbered sites is shown in detail between pages 131-165. So look at the map on page 117, decide which sites you want to know more about and see the details in pages 131-165, and decide if you want to comment on what is proposed.

see Peckham Vision on twitter:
visit the website –


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