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Rye Lane new betting shop – meeting 8 May 7.30pm

There is an application to open a betting shop in the brand new retail units on the corner of Bournemouth Road and Rye Lane. It is right opposite a William Hill betting shop. There are concerns about that because of the effect of more betting shops on local people, and that this is not the kind of improved and diverse retail we thought the news about the restoration of Peckham Rye station would bring. Please see further information about this below.
There will be an open meeting arranged by Cllr Rowenna Davis (The Lane ward) about the action that can be taken to oppose the application on

TUESDAY 8th MAY at 7.30pm
at All Saints Church, Blenheim Grove.
All welcome.

This meeting is especially important for anyone who
– Lives sufficiently close to the premises to be likely to be affected by the betting shop;
– Has business interests that might be affected by the betting shop.

So do pass this information on to anyone you know who may be in that position.


Subject:    New BetFred – meeting
From:       Rowenna Davis <>

Dear Peckham friends,

As many of you already know, there is a plan to open a new BetFred by Bournemouth Rd. Many of you have written to me with concerns about this development, and I propose we have a meeting to discuss what can be done.

As you can see from my correspondence with the planning officer below, we can submit concerns to the licensing committee until 14th May. A first start would be for us all to do this. The best way of doing that is to email Dorcas Mills on the email address is below.

I propose we meet at 7:30pm on Tuesday 8th May at All Saints Church, Blenheim Grove, SE15 4QS and make the meeting as open as possible.

Please do pass this message on.

I look forward to hearing from you all,
Thanks and best wishes,
Cllr Rowenna Davis

From:   Mills, Dorcas
Sent: 23 April 2012 13:05
To: Davis, Rowenna
Cc: Page, John
Subject: FW: Consultation LDO-14.5.2012

Dear Councillor Davis

In response to your query with regards to the above.

The application is for a provisional Betting Shop and it being made by Betfred. (provisional meaning the premises is not a betting shop as yet but that Betfred expects the premises to be constructed, altered or expects to acquire a right to occupy).

The premises is sited at 143/145 Rye Lane, London SE15.   The customer area is 94 sqm / 1016 sq ft .  A copy of the application and plans can be viewed at our offices in Tooley Street (3rd Floor, Hub 2).

– The consultation period of 28days would end on the 14 May 2012.   – Representation can only be made with regards to the 3 licensing objectives and they are.

·       Preventing gambling from being a source of crime or disorder, being associated with crime or disorder, or being used to support crime;

·       Ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way; and
·       Protecting children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by gambling.

Representations can by made by yourself and also on behalf of your constituents. Representation should be made in writing either by email or letter form before the last day of objection which 14 May 2012.

Interested Party

. “A person is an interested party in relation to an application for or in respect of a premises licence if, in the opinion of the licensing authority which issues the licence or to which the application is made, the person:

– Lives sufficiently close to the premises to be likely to be affected by the authorised activities;

– Has business interests that might be affected by the authorised activities; or
– Represents persons who satisfy (the above

Unfortunately demand and need are not licensing objectives and the Licensing Sub committee cannot take these into consideration.

However if there is sufficient evidence that the number of betting shops in the area is impacting on the gambling objectives then the Licensing sub committee can take that into consideration when determining an application.

To date that is the only application in progress in that area. However there are other licensed premises on Rye Lane.

Kind regards

Dorcas Mills
Principal Licensing Officer
London Borough of Southwark
Phone: 020 7525 5698


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