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Royal Court back in Peckham 31 May – 28 July

Message from Peckham Vision:

Last year Peckham Vision was asked by Royal Court Theatre if they could use for theatre productions the Old Waiting Room in the station. We are still working on its restoration and the public access to it, see . So it isn’t ready yet for such public uses.

But as we were very keen for them to come to Peckham, we encouraged them to work with Mickey Smith to think of the  CLF Art Cafe in the Bussey building across the road as the venue. So the Royal Court came last Autumn 2011 and it was so successful they are back again this summer. We are in continuing discussions with them to develop their involvement in Peckham.

For the summer run from 31 May see details here on Royal Court website: and below.

further info from Royal Court:
Theatre Local, Peckham 2012, Sponsored by Bloomberg, the Royal Court’s Theatre Local aims to take plays to alternative spaces.

Plays by Bola Agbaje and Hayley Squires transfer from the Royal Court to the CLF Arts Café at the Bussey Building in Peckham from 31 May – 28 July, as part of the third Theatre Local season.

Tickets are £10 in advance and Pay What You Like when purchased at the venue. FREE workshops are also available.

The Bussey Building is a former arms manufacturing works and cricket bat factory, which was saved from demolition by community group Peckham Vision and the CLF Art Café, fronted by Mickey Smith, and is now at the centre of a growing cultural hub in Peckham.

Further information about Peckham Vision:
follow us on twitter @peckhamvision


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