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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Old Waiting Room 2-4 August – Visions of Peckham:

This is your chance to get into the Old Waiting Room off Platform 3 in Peckham Rye Station:

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more on Olympic Torch Relay in Peckham Thursday morning

As the Olympic torch is fast approaching Peckham. Whitten Timber on Peckham hill street will have a Caribbean food/music stool, ice cream van and candy floss stand outside its gates from 930am. If you could spread the word and let the network know for me. There will be limited parking available as well to watch the torch fly pass.   Thanks in advance.

James Whitten
Whitten Timber


Olympic Torch Relay in Peckham Thursday morning

The Olympic Torch Relay is timed to come through our historic Peckham High Street between 10.50am and 11am on Thursday morning. It will come down Peckham Hill Street and turn right into Peckham High Street past the junction with Rye Lane, and stop at Peckham Academy for lunch break. It will start again at 11.55am along Peckham Road to Camberwell.

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calling all who take digital photos or make film

Message from Peckham Vision

Hi – calling all those who like to take photos or video clips and post them on the web:

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last performances from Royal Court Theatre Local

Message from Royal Court Theatre Local:

Final week of the Royal Court Theatre’s second play Vera Vera Vera by Hayley Squires at the Bussey Building / CLF Art Cafe.

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2-4 August Old Waiting Room exhibition – call for volunteers


“Platform View – Visions of Peckham”
an exhibition in the Old Waiting Room,
open for just 3 days, 2nd – 4th August

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volunteer stewards for Olympic Torch Relay in Southwark 26 July

email 11 July 2012

The Olympics start on 27th July. The last day of the Olympic Torch Relay is the day before on 26th July, and it is coming through Southwark. If you want to be a steward see below.

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Bold Tendencies summer programme 2012

Last year The Rite of Spring with a large orchestra in the multi storey car park was a phenomenal experience. This year Bold Tendencies, see below, has another exciting summer programme showing the creativity unleashed by our Peckham town centre spaces. Don’t miss their most moving short video of Peckham children, through this programme, learning quite new things about music and life: Read more of this post

Sat 14 Jul Summer Fair – Bellenden Primary School

Message from Bellenden Primary School

SUMMER FAIR,   Saturday 14th July, 11am – 2pm

All are welcome to attend Bellenden Primary School’s Summer Fair. Read more of this post