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calling all who take digital photos or make film

Message from Peckham Vision

Hi – calling all those who like to take photos or video clips and post them on the web:

We need volunteers to photo and video our exhibition on 2nd-4th August in the Old Waiting Room (see

If you can volunteer, and can drop into our exhibition, please bring your camera with you and please let us know you are going to be one of our recorders so we can contact you.

If you post them on the web, please email us the weblinks.

We will then be able to compile a record of this historic occasion:
* Historic for the Old Waiting Room, as its first serious outing for decades, and surely nothing quite like it before.
* Historic for Peckham Vision, as it is the longest event we have ever created which we could do only because of the willingness of many people to volunteer in some form or another.
* Historic for Peckham town centre, as far as we know it is the first major exhibition organised by residents about the town centre.

I look forward to hearing from some digital photo / film enthusiasts!
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like us –
visit us –

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