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Old Waiting Room exhibition opens tomorrow Thursday from 5pm

Peckham Vision’s exhibition about Peckham town centre in the Old Waiting Room, inside Peckham Rye station, opens tomorrow Thursday 2nd August at 5pm till 9pm. There will be an opening session at 7pm with a couple of talks. 

Eileen Conn will say something about the exhibition, the Old Waiting Room space, what next, what’s up in the town centre, and we will have an illustrated historical talk by Benedict O’Looney our very own local historical architecture expert.

So there is time before and after the talks to browse the exhibition. Also open for drop-in Friday 1pm to 9pm, and Saturday 11am to 3pm, with guided tours if you wish. Come to the ticket barrier to get in if you aren’t already travelling by train. We will have volunteer stewards to escort you.

If you are around here this week do try to visit as this is a rare opportunity which may not be repeated for quite some time. Come and find out why this is!

We have worked very hard to put this on. We have created new story boards which are informative and we hope inspiring. We have the Peckham Society’s bookstall, and other interesting activities to make this an experience and not just visiting a display. We want to share it all with as many local people as possible and to have them also experience the space. So do please pass the word around, even at this late stage. There are three days to go.

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