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role of art in community

Message from Southwark.TV and Bold Tendencies

On the roof of the Peckham multi-storey car park behind the cinema on Rye Lane SE15, three events this week from Southwark.TV in collaboration with Bold Tendencies: 

Thursday 23 August 7pm: LONDON YOUNG VOICES
films facilitated and co-produced by Southwark.TV over the past three years. an evening of short films & debate. Young people are often vilified, misunderstood, feared, by mainstream media anyway. We have helped young people from south London to make films, tell stories, think through the issues that trouble them and inspire them, come up with the changes in life that they aspire to and want for society. These short films pass from the light into darkness and out the other side.

Friday 24 August 7pm: ON THE MARGINS
films from and about local Southwark Muslims and Peckham’s Irish Traveller communities. Muslims & Irish Travellers, meet your neighbours:
Communities of worshippers from various parts of the world participated in the production of a major film project exploring the life of Islam in Southwark, just as Peckham’s three official sites for Travellers supported an equally ambitious project to meet Peckham’s Irish Travellers. Muslims are terrorists and Travellers are criminal – isn’t that it?

Sunday 26 August 7pm: ART, IMAGE & PECKHAM
what is the role of art galleries in outreach and community work? Local art galleries in the heart of Southwark have run imaginative community projects with young people, collaborating in film making ventures with Chris Haydon and Southwark.TV among others. Overcoming stereotypical ideas, what is the role of an art gallery? Mainstream media paints pictures of Peckham that are not recognised by its inhabitants who ever since the riots of August 2011 have focused on affirmation and renaissance. What can Art do in this territory ?

These three screening & discussion events will be at Bold Tendencies, Frank’s Cafe. They acknowledge Southwark.TV’s ten years as a locally focused web venture. Local media can be a tool for social cohesion and individual growth. People of all ages collaborate and co-create.

The events explore the work of recent years with youth, marginalised communities and art galleries. Image, Identity, Self  Esteem … all under scrutiny.

Please pass on this information. Entry is free and the views fantastic.
Best wishes,

07970 970 715

Chris Haydon
Community TV Trust

“MOSQUE: The Story of Islam in Southwark”
“KNIFE – The Southwark DVD”
“SOUTHWARK HOUR” ten one-hour programmes for Community Channel
18 Films by young people under project heading
a 3-year venture completing in summer 2012


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