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Stitching together Peckham’s Post-riot Post-It notes

Message from Southwark Cathedral

A Stitch in Time: ‘We Love Peckham’ – Stitching together Peckham’s Post-riot Post-It notes

3rd – 17th September, 8am to 6.30pm, at Southwark Cathedral 

This is the display of a Peckham inspired artwork by local Southwark artist Lara Hailey. The artwork is about people’s feelings after the riots last year, as they appeared on the thousands of post-it notes on the Pound shop window in Rye Lane. Please feel free to pass this on and to send to anyone you wish and please tell everyone you know in Peckham.

Almost a year on, Lara, working with friends, students, local community groups and public stitch groups, has completed the task of embroidering 400 of these responses and constructing a patchwork.

The quilt is full of thoughtful messages encouraging hope, strength and a brighter future. The responses celebrate community spirit and Lara is keen to demonstrate how a piece of art can make something beautiful and positive in the face of adversity.

Revd Bruce Saunders, Sub-Dean of Southwark Cathedral said: “The riots of last summer reminded us of how fragile and how easily broken are the fibres that hold our communities together.  When damaged, trust and confidence take time to re-grow.  We are pleased to welcome this beautiful artwork on the anniversary of the riots as a sign of hope and healing.”

Lara Hailey is a local artist, who often employs stitch in her work. She has made a number of large textiles that have an autobiographical nature. This is the first quilt that she has worked with the community to produce. See here

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