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cat found in Choumert Rd

Message to people in Bellenden

Clare from Petitou rescued a stray cat in Choumert Road a week ago. See her report below. All attempts to find her owners have led nowhere. This is one more go – does anyone recognise her or know anyone locally who has lost a cat? Please get in touch with Clare if you do. If you know anyone who could give her a good home, please contact Clare, as they can’t foster her for a long time:  or  call 07971 685261  or  pop into Petitou
As discussed I would be very grateful if you could forward the information about the stray cat that I found in Choumert Road Sunday 16th September.
We would love to reunite her with her owner but if this is not possible I would be really grateful if you knew of anyone who would be willing to give her a home. She’s very sweet, litter trained and loves a cuddle!
She’s a small grey and white female cat with green eyes. Very skinny and was starving when I found her. She isn’t chipped and the vet thinks she’s probably been missing for about 2 weeks. 12 – 18 months old. Semi long haired.
Contact   call 07971 685261 or pop into Petitou
Many thanks


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