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PNAAP: summary report

The PNAAP (Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan) is now in its final consultation stage. The text of the final ‘submission’ version of the PNAAP is available on the web:  The published version will be available after 24 October, after the Council Assembly has formally approved the document for consultation. 

A useful introduction before reading the lengthy PNAAP itself is the short report that has just gone to the senior councillors in the Council Cabinet. Click here for a copy: PNAAP_Publication_Submission_version_-_Cabinet_Report

This is really worth reading as it gives a good overview of what the PNAAP contains and some useful summary explanations of some key parts. This is good preparation for reading the PNAAP when you can get your copy.

The formal consultation will end on 4th December. Only people who have submitted comments by 4th December will have the chance to speak at the Public Hearing next March 2013. If you are interested in having a say in this, do read the attached paper in the next couple of weeks, and make sure you get your hard copy of the PNAAP after 24 October. You then have 5 weeks to work out what you want to say.

To have any effect the comments now have to be about the ‘soundness’ of the PNAAP. What this means is summarised on page 16 of the attached paper in paragraphs 115, 116. I aim to circulate around the end of October some further information on key points to look out for, and more guidance on how to relate the comments you may want to make to this ‘soundness’ stage.

Please email:  if you want to be involved in thinking more about the details of these matters, and I will add you to that mailing list.

If you have any queries about the formal process, or would like a copy of the PNAAP, email:

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