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Children play out in Peckham street without cars

See here for an inspirational short video clip from Bristol on what amazing things can happen when children get the street back temporarily:   See below for the first of these short temporary street transformations in Peckham. It could happen in most streets if the residents want to arrange it. 

* to get agreement for the date and time, contact:  Miranda Clarke at Southwark Council, the Events Locations Officer: phone: 020 7525 0741; email:

* for info about Relf Road experience, contact:  residents Josie Reeder <>; Angela Style: <>.

Message from Relf Road residents

We took back our street from the cars on Wednesday 26 September. We held Peckham’s first ‘playing out’ event after school, designed to give children the freedom to play safely on their own doorstep. It shows how easily it can be done.

In Relf Road hopscotch was chalked in the middle of the road, a football game took place, children rode their bikes and older neighbours came out to join in and reminisce about their own children playing out in the same space years ago. The council supplied barriers to close the road safely and stewards helped residents in cars gain access safely if needed.

‘Playing Out’ was inspired by two mothers in Bristol who were keen to give their own children the freedom to play outside with neighbours that they had enjoyed when they were growing up. See the inspirational video clip of the street play in Bristol:

Peckham Resident Angela Style said “It was wonderful to see how quickly the kids filled the space in Relf Road. And so nice for my daughter to be able to ride her bike safely straight out of her front door, rather than having to drive the bike to the park to practise.’

Organiser Josie Reeder said “It was really very simple to organise. All the information you need can be found on the ‘playing out’ website and Southwark council were very helpful. We hope other nearby streets will think about organising similar events in their streets and Relf Road residents hope to make this a regular thing.”


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