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17 Oct 7pm at Peckham Library: Town Centre future

**********REMINDER **********


Peckham Society meeting at Peckham Library, Peckham Town Square  

7.00pm: exhibition about the town centre

7.30pm: illustrated talk by local architect and historian Benedict O’Looney:

“Central Peckham’s New Conservation Area –
a bright, historically sensitive and positive future for our town centre.”

Benedict says:

* This talk highlights the new Central Peckham Conservation Area and introduces the opportunities for restoration of the historic buildings with the Townscape Heritage Grant that Peckham Vision and the Peckham Society are helping win.
* Ideas about the new, open forecourt in front of Peckham Rye station will be presented as part of a much-improved environment for Rye Lane and the streets leading into it. Rye Lane is often choked by heavy traffic and big buses, with the pedestrians confined to narrow pavements. Must it always
be like this?
* Let’s create a healthy and liveable Rye Lane!

working together:



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