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PNAAP development sites

Message from Peckham Vision

The PNAAP (Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan) is out for consultation until 4 December. There are two main parts of the PNAAP to think about: 

1. The list of ‘proposals sites’: these are the sites that are designated in the Plan for development. The Plan sets out the planning policy for each of these development sites, which will be used by the Council to decide any planning application for them in the life of the 15 year Plan.

PNAAP map of development sites – section 6

PNAAP details of development sites – Appx C Schedule of sites

2. The policies for major topics: the town centre & enterprise; community well being; transport & traffic; housing; environment; heritage and design.

This email covers the first – the proposal / development sites – and suggests how you can begin to think about the effects of the Plan through looking at them. The second part will be covered in a further email.

The map from the Plan showing the locations of each development site is in the attached pdf  – ‘map of development sites’. The sites are numbered 1 – 33.

* Look at the map to see if there are any near to you, or you are familiar with any individual site or more than one, or have an interest in what happens to any particular site. Then focus on those sites you have identified.
* Then look at the other attached pdf (‘details of development sites’) which contains all the sites in the same numerical order, and find the pages for your site(s).
* There are about two or three pages giving the details for each site, the ‘required’ uses and the additional uses that are proposed for each one, and a diagrammatic map showing the details of the site.
* Print that map and the two or three pages for the site(s) you are interested in or know something about.
* Take the map and pages, & a copy of this email if it helps, with you on a visit to the site; there you can check what you think about the proposed uses for the site and write some notes for later action.
* You might then find it helpful to discuss these with anyone you know who also knows the site; this can help to clarify the issues and what you think about them.

If you need to clarify any of the information about a site, you can email the Council to ask –

If you think you may make representations about any of the sites and would like to have some advice or wider discussion about your comments, you can write them up and click reply to this email and send them to us.

This will help to spot any wider themes for possible representations. We aim to email in the next couple of weeks with info about a workshop we are planning for November on how to make representations about the sites or about the policies. If you may be interested in that please let me know.

Peckham Vision co-ordinator


PNAAP map of development sites – section 6

PNAAP details of development sites – Appx C Schedule of sites


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