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6 Dec 6.30pm Consume Peckham

Not to be missed – the annual film about our Peckham community.

returns to the PeckhamPlex Rye Lane cinema
Thursday 6th Dec at 6.30pm
for its 4th Year, with an afterparty
at the Bussey Building 8.30pm – 3.30am.

Consume Peckham synopsis

The screening will showcase 18 short documentaries made by graphic design students from Chelsea College of Art & Design exploring the history, heritage and individual characters behind some of Peckham’s longest running companies. After weeks spent gaining a first hand experience of Peckham’s atmosphere and inhabitants, the students present a truly authentic depiction of one of London’s most socially and economically diverse areas.

From the visible scar of the riot that remains in Rye Lane, to the unseen processes of Everest Linen Services to the evocative patrons of Greenhive Care Home, each film conveys a subjective insight into the heart of South East London, as well as exploring the complex relationship between culture and commercialism.

As a bonus feature, the screening also premieres a selection of 12 experimental one-minute animation films made by the same students in response to a brief by moving image artist Max Hattler.

Consume Peckham is devised & co-ordinated by Kieron Dennis.
The films are (PG), tickets are £2.99 each

Feast your eyes on the films, then party with the filmmakers. You’re invited to the Consume Peckham after party. To gain free entry to the party, quote “I’ve been through too much” to the people selling wristbands, and they’ll direct you upstairs. december 6 | 8:30-3 | the bussey building

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