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chess for local children

Chess is a great fun game for children of all sorts to learn, and teaches some invaluable personal skills. Now there are new opportunities to do that in Peckham and nearby. See the message from south Londoner Richard Weekes below and his Chess Academy. 

If you have children, or know of any locally, do contact him to find out more. Please pass this on to any parents, guardians, teachers, youth workers or others you know working with children or young people. Let’s see if we can get chess going in Peckham and nearby!

Peckham Vision co-ordinator

Message from Richard Weekes of the Chess Academy

Chess is becoming popular once again

The game of chess is slowly increasing in popularity and there’s lots of evidence to show that children who learn chess perform better in school; have improved calculating ability; are more creative; and self-motivated. So with chess sets and boards at the ready the Richard Weekes Chess Academy teaches children and young people how to play at two junior chess clubs in Southwark at the moment.

Parents with children aged 6 years plus who’d like them to benefit from learning and playing chess can simply drop in to either Heron Juniors Chess club, held on a Tuesday from 5.30 to 7.00 pm at Herne Hill Baptist Church, Half Moon Lane, SE24 or on a Monday evening from 6.30 pm for older children aged 9+ at the recently started chess club at Downside Fisher Youth Club on Druid Street, Bermondsey, SE1.

Your kids will get a positive introduction to chess basics and be encouraged to enter local chess tournaments too. The sessions are fun packed with puzzles and stories about chess history and besides being a great game to play; winning at chess will improve your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem and also give them a wonderful sense of achievement when they outwit their opponents.

Richard uses chess to strengthen children’s minds as it’s one of the best games for developing logical, precise thinking. Richard has two current Enhanced CRB certificates and also operates three other chess clubs in Plumstead SE18, Eltham SE9 and Brockley SE4 which is just over the hill in Crofton Park at St Hilda’s Church, Courtrai Road in the Parish Room.

Both girls & boys from 6 years upwards are welcome at whichever club you choose except Downside Fisher where your child has to be 9 yrs plus and sign up to become a member of Downside.

So if you’d like your child or children you know to give chess a try at one of the junior chess clubs mentioned above and you require more information, please go to: for details of locations or email Richard at or call him for a chat on 07538 035 896. Some of you might like to also contact Richard on Twitter at @chessfiremonkey or @chessbootcamp if that’s more convenient.

Richard is looking forward to meeting some of you and children at some point.

Richard Pittman Weekes II
Owner & Founder, Richard Weekes Chess Academy
Mob: 07538 035896

Follow me on Twitter
or Connect with me on LinkedIn

Accredited Chess Coach – English Chess Federation (ECF)

Committee Member – Kent Junior Chess Association (KJCA)


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