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Pocket Places for people – volunteers wanted

Message from Peckham Vision

This is a call for volunteers interested in helping start off a new project to improve Rye Lane for people. If you are enthusiastic about improving our town centre, this would be a significant way to help, even if you have just a few hours to spare.

We are very pleased to report that Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity (, with the support of Southwark Council, are starting a two year project in Rye Lane called Pocket Places. This aims to support the community to re-design neglected or unused ‘pockets’ of land and collaboratively turn them into community spaces. The aim is to make the most successful Pocket Places permanent after the two years.

This is exciting news as it means that we will be able to take forward the ideas that have surfaced over the years in our Peckham Vision work about the neglected small spaces in Peckham town centre.

The project is looking for volunteers to help in an initial survey to start it off. The task is flexible from just a few hours one day or evening, or more, talking to individual residents in particular streets about specific aspects of Peckham, and recording their responses on a questionnaire. We hope several volunteers will want to help in this way and learn how to do this kind of survey. Short training will be given.

Please do contact Hannah at <> to find out more. This will be a great way to help Hannah help us.

What Hannah says:
“All along Rye Lane there are pockets of space that are crying out to be transformed into vibrant community places. This new project invites the people of Peckham to collaborate and innovate to make unused spaces along Rye Lane live again. We are looking forward to working with all interested local people to help make this happen.”

To learn more about the overall project please visit

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