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Rye Lane Sat 23 March 11am-3pm Pocket Places

Hi everyone keen on improving our town centre. If you are around next Saturday don’t miss the chance to come and connect with the new Pocket Places project – details below. See you there!  Peckham Vision  

Message from Pocket Places Peckham

Launching – SATURDAY 23rd MARCH 2013  11am – 3pm

Moncrieff Place, outside Peckhamplex Cinema
opposite McDonalds in Rye Lane

Unused space?  – Pocket place

What would you do?  Drop in & tell us at the launch event…

All along Rye Lane there are pockets of space that are crying out to be transformed into vibrant community places. A new initiative by the sustainable transport charity Sustrans invites the people of Peckham to collaborate and innovate to make unused spaces along Rye Lane live again.
Twitter: @pocketplaceSE15

We have two years to create temporary and semi-permanent interventions in these spaces. It’s up to you to decide together what will happen. It could be one off events such as a film screening, or something that needs time to grow like a garden. Sustrans will provide you with the support and the resources, all you need to bring is an open mind and your ideas. We’d love you to come along to our Launch Event on Saturday 23rd March 2013 (11am – 3pm) to be held outside the Peckhamplex Cinema at Moncrieff Place.

We are also running a survey, asking residents of Peckham to help us understand how they travel and what they think about Rye Lane. The survey should only take a few minutes online and you can go straight to it at:

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