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historic restorations & station developments

Message from Peckham Vision

Last summer we had a wonderful exhibition in the Old Waiting Room at Peckham Rye station about Peckham town centre – its past, present and future; it was visited by hundreds of people (and two dogs). All the material is now collated on the website: do have a look starting with the great photo gallery here:

Some visitors discovered it when they came off a train but most had to come to the ticket barriers to be escorted by our team of volunteers through the station, up to Platform 3. For use of the room to avoid coming through the station, the Victorian staircase has to be restored and extended, and also a lift installed for disabled access and goods deliveries. Plans are being developed to raise the funds for all this.

Work is progressing on these and the other historic restoration projects and station developments, and the latest summary news is in the community information sheet, ‘Peckham Town Centre News’, copy here:

For a selection of recent news, take a look at our Facebook and twitter pages, and do think about joining the growing band of followers:

Any queries just let me know.  We will be at the Pocket Places Peckham launch (11am-3pm) in front of the cinema on Saturday if you want to know more.


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