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Bellenden-Holly Grove-Lyndhurst Way-Chadwick: Turning one-way to two-way traffic

Message from Bellenden Residents’ Group (BRG)

The Council has been consulting during March on proposals to replace the one way traffic system to the west of Rye Lane (around Bellenden Rd – Chadwick Rd – Lyndhurst Way – Holly Gv) with a two way traffic system; the proposal includes closing the Highshore Rd exit from Holly Gv – Bellenden Rd. You can see the details here: 

This of course has a significant impact on people living in the streets directly affected and nearby in this neighbourhood. But it will also be of interest to residents in a wider area who walk, cycle or drive through our neighbourhood, so we are giving it wider publicity. If you are interested here is the information we have just circulated locally in Bellenden:

The consultation has been flawed in two major ways:

* the area consulted has been limited to the streets directly affected and  a small area near them. It has ignored all the many other local residents on the Bellenden side of Rye Lane who walk, cycle and drive through the area. In addition, although the Bellenden Residents’ Group (BRG) has been discussing this consultation with council officers for several years and arranged walkabouts for local residents with council officers, they failed to tell us so we were not able to email everyone on our mailing list and we missed like many others the public event on 13 March.

* The information provided in the consultation completely ignores what we suggested in the previous discussions and is inadequate. It presents the two way system as the only option and does not explain what pedestrian safety improvements at the junctions can be made without moving to two way working, and the costs of that compared with the cost of the Council’s proposals. It has several minor errors in the maps, but a major error labelling Holly Gv as Chadwick Rd may have been very misleading. Moreover it is not easy on such small maps to understand the implications of the changes at the junctions, and these are key to the major need for pedestrian safety improvements. Some residents in the area directly affected believe that the two way working will lead to deterioration in pedestrian safety at some of the junctions, and that there can be safety improvements without the upheaval and cost of reverting to two way working.

This was always going to be contentious. All our work over the last few years on this has been to make sure that when the consultation happened residents had good information on different ways of improving the safety of the area, to enable a considered informed discussion. The council has ruined that work by consulting on only part of it, failing to consult the larger number of residents accessible through our widely known local communication systems, and preventing an informed discussion.

However, since (by accident) we found out about the consultation and protested, the council has extended the deadline for comments until 12th APRIL, to enable us to publicise it. This should help those who get to know about it only when they return from the Easter break, to have a chance of responding in time. If like others you feel that the information provided is not adequate to consider the most cost effective way to achieve safety improvements, then you may wish to ask for a further public meeting where we can make sure we understand the detailed impact of the proposals and have a balanced consideration and discussion about the merits of different options. If you need to see a printed hard copy of the consultation brochure, you should email <> and give your full postal address.

We have started a topic on the East Dulwich Forum for this, so it would be great if you have views to post them there to contribute to a discussion:,1077496

If you have any queries, email us:

Bellenden Residents’ Group

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