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Monthly Archives: April 2013

community fairs 12th May + 18th May

Message from Peckham Vision

The community fair season is about to start and give us that feeling of summer – we hope! Peckham Vision and Peckham Residents’ Network will be at these two fairs with our mobile exhibition stall giving latest news about the main developments relating to Peckham town centre.  Read more of this post


police plea for help in reducing off licenses & betting shops in Peckham

The local police want our help to reduce the numbers of off-licenses and betting shops given permission to operate in Peckham, because they prey on the vulnerable in a time of economic hardship. Sgt Emma Dickinson of The Lane Safer Neighbourhood Team asks us to email her our opinions, our experiences in the area and any complaints. Email her at Read more of this post

11 May Pocket Places workshop

Here is a great chance for us to brighten up some dreary places in Rye Lane. Come and join our very own local growing team of community urban designers.  Read more of this post

station development threat to local economy?

Message from Peckham Vision

Peckham Vision had a shock in discovering a Council report last week which seems to recommend a total clear out of the businesses on Network Rail land around Peckham Rye station between Rye Lane and Bellenden Rd. See the report and map –  Read more of this post

Courier Fraud – important warning from police & council

Please forward this email and give it wide publicity.

Message from Southwark Council and Southwark Police

The Council Warden service is working along side the Police in trying to raise awareness to the ongoing Courier fraudsters and we would be grateful for any help you could give. Read more of this post

protecting our historic heritage – volunteers needed


As you know Peckham town centre is now a designated Conservation Area. This means that alterations to historic buildings need local authority consent. However that is not much good if property owners and property occupiers are unaware of this and no one is paying close attention to what is going on. So we would like to establish a community-led system, for those local people who are keen to help, to monitor any changes and also to spot any detailed historical features that are worth further investigation so we know exactly what is there. That detailed survey work has not been done yet. Read more of this post