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protecting our historic heritage – volunteers needed


As you know Peckham town centre is now a designated Conservation Area. This means that alterations to historic buildings need local authority consent. However that is not much good if property owners and property occupiers are unaware of this and no one is paying close attention to what is going on. So we would like to establish a community-led system, for those local people who are keen to help, to monitor any changes and also to spot any detailed historical features that are worth further investigation so we know exactly what is there. That detailed survey work has not been done yet.

So we are looking for volunteers to join our town centre monitoring team. We are thinking of allocating particular buildings or sections of the town centre to individual volunteers to adopt so that they can focus their attention on specific parts. We can also include monitoring of public realm issues for those interested in that too. We are working closely with Hannah Padgett and the Rye Lane People Pockets project, especially where they link with this.

We will develop and design this scheme in discussion with the initial volunteers, and evolve it over time as we all get more experience, including developing appropriate training for it.

This will also make a valuable contribution to the work that will unfold over the next 5 years in progressing the Townscape Heritage initiative (THI) Scheme. It will enable local people, who are keen to become equipped to join our local team, to help encourage property owners to apply for grants, to restore Peckham’s historic assets.

So please don’t hold back. If you are interested in learning more about our local history and local buildings and in helping our community initiatives, and would like some more information, please do get in touch with us.

Reply to this email to let us know what interests you in the idea, and we will keep in close touch as we develop it.

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