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station development threat to local economy?

Message from Peckham Vision

Peckham Vision had a shock in discovering a Council report last week which seems to recommend a total clear out of the businesses on Network Rail land around Peckham Rye station between Rye Lane and Bellenden Rd. See the report and map – 

It was expected that some businesses would be displaced by the plans to recreate the station square and reclassify some of the industrial land behind the station for town centre commercial use, and that for the rest there would be an organic process of change. No one expected that everything would be swept away to create a sterile place which would have to start all over again.

Peckham Vision is seeking a deputation to the Council Cabinet meeting TODAY Tuesday 16 April 4pm Council HQ 160 Tooley St, SE1, for clarification and, if it is a plan for wholesale clear out, to seek a postponement for urgent discussions about a different approach.

Please come to support the deputation if you can and are near that area.


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