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11 May Pocket Places workshop

Here is a great chance for us to brighten up some dreary places in Rye Lane. Come and join our very own local growing team of community urban designers. 

Message from Pocket Places Peckham

A Co-Discover Workshop

SATURDAY 11th MAY  1.00pm-3.00pm
(Please arrive early for a prompt start)

at community hall in Rye Lane Chapel,
59a Rye Lane, opposite Highshore Road

Join us for the first of a series of workshops that will support you to make positive changes to Pocket Places along Rye Lane. Become a Community Urban Designer and create the change you want to see!  All along Rye Lane there are pockets of land that are crying out to be transformed into vibrant community spaces. A new initiative by the sustainable transport charity Sustrans invites the people of Peckham to collaborate and innovate to make unused spaces along Rye Lane live again.

We will be looking at Rye Lane together …
How do you use Rye Lane?
Where are the pockets?
Where do you go?
How do you travel around Rye Lane?

We want to explore the good bits and the bad bits of Rye Lane with you and do a bit of myth-busting about Urban Design to help you all become confident Community Urban Designers.  The workshop is free to all and open to all ages and backgrounds, interests and persuasions.  For more information –

We look forward to seeing you there!
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