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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Changes at London Bridge station from Saturday 25 May 2013

This is a message from the Thameslink Programme.

Changes at London Bridge station from Saturday 25 May 2013

Several changes are taking place at London Bridge station  Read more of this post

30 May – redevelopment of Peckham Rd Town Hall + Theatre Peckham

The Council sold off the historic Peckham Town Hall and it is now being redeveloped into student accommodation, studios, gallery, and new facilities for Theatre Peckham.
See the plans at the exhibition & consultation on
between 3pm – 8pm
at Theatre Peckham, Havil St, London SE5 7SD.
This is at the back of the town hall

Further info from Theatre Peckham below, seeking yr. support.  Read more of this post


12 May 2013 – Mass Observation diaries

Here is your chance to record a day in your life for history. Let’s get our locality into the history books.

Message from The Mass Observation Archive:

Be a Mass Observer for the day: The Mass Observation Archive is collecting diaries written on 12th May 2013  We are pleased to announced that the Mass Observation Archive is collecting 12th May day diaries again this year. The details are as follows:  Read more of this post

Rye Lane public toilets petition

Message from Peckham Vision

Peckham Vision & Rye Lane Traders’ Association have jointly launched a

“We petition Southwark Council and Network Rail to provide
public toilets as part of the work to improve the areas around
historic Peckham Rye station.”  Read more of this post

latest news on Peckham Rye station development

Message from Peckham Vision

The deputation to the Council Cabinet on 16th April went off successfully. The Cabinet said that the report was not accurate, and their aim was not to clear all the businesses out of the buildings and arches around the station and that the new developments are supposed to build on the successful new creative enterprises and not wipe them out. See news reports:
* Peckham Vision  ‘Deputation to Cabinet to stop wholesale clearance of businesses on station site 16 April 2013’ –
* South London Press 23 April 2013 –
* Southwark News 25 April 2013 –
* ARTWEEKLY –  Read more of this post