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latest news on Peckham Rye station development

Message from Peckham Vision

The deputation to the Council Cabinet on 16th April went off successfully. The Cabinet said that the report was not accurate, and their aim was not to clear all the businesses out of the buildings and arches around the station and that the new developments are supposed to build on the successful new creative enterprises and not wipe them out. See news reports:
* Peckham Vision  ‘Deputation to Cabinet to stop wholesale clearance of businesses on station site 16 April 2013’ –
* South London Press 23 April 2013 –
* Southwark News 25 April 2013 –

Because of the lack of clarity, we have produced a summary explanation with a map of the different parts of the station site to assist the community discussion about the issues and the possibilities. See PV weblink ‘Opening the discussion about the possible changes on the site April 2013’ –

The Council’s own Overview Scrutiny Committee decided that there were issues which needed to be probed before the Cabinet decision was implemented. The Scrutiny meeting will take place this coming TUESDAY 7th MAY 6-7pm at Council HQ 160 Tooley Street.

The Scrutiny Committee paper summarising the issue is here:  It is item 5 on the agenda (see, and will start near 6pm.

Councillor Fiona Colley in charge of the station regeneration project will be speaking, and Peckham Vision and other enterprises on the site will also have a voice. This is open to the public, and we will welcome support. It will be of interest to all who support the creative enterprises and independence of Peckham’s local economy, and the need for a supportive nurturing approach to organic economic change.

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