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BIG LUNCH Sunday 2 June

It is BIG LUNCH day today
weather forecast warm and sunny!!  Each summer since 2009, Big Lunch day has brought together millions of residents out in their street having a collectively organised lunch with their neighbours. Here is a taste of an earlier one in Peckham: These lunches help people to meet who had not known they live in the same street! 

Last year there were Big Lunches in a number of streets in Peckham and nearby areas. We don’t have a list of where they all are this year, and there may be more which you know of. But the Council has told us that there are Big Lunches happening in these streets in Peckham:
Amott Road
Astbury Road
Bellenden Road
Denman Road
Gowlett Road
Keston Road
Nutbrook Street

If you are around, and your street doesn’t have a Big Lunch, why not visit one of these, and take something for the food table? As well as enjoying it, you can get some ideas for starting one in your own street next year!

If you are part of one or visit one, and you can send me a short comment, it can be part of a collective round up.

co-ordinator, Peckham Residents Network


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