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development at 237-247 RYE LANE – Copeland Rd car wash site

If you have any interest in what happens on this development site, this is a useful opportunity to see more of the proposals and ask questions before the planning application is available. 
Message from Martin Evans Architects
at 237-247 RYE LANE, PECKHAM
AT THE WHITE HORSE (local pub)
20 Peckham Rye, end of Nigel Road
THURSDAY 11th JULY 6.30pm to 8.30pm
Please find attached leaflet 2013.07.11 Rye Lane public consult invitation for a second public consultation regarding the proposed development at 237-247 Rye Lane. This time we have been able to schedule it in the evening to make sure that the majority of the residents interested in it will be able to join us.
The proposed development involves the erection of 4 to 7 storeys residential building with shops and commercial use at ground floor level on the site. The scheme has already been discussed in 2 preplanning meetings with the Local Council to ensure it will satisfy their policy requirements and we would now appreciate your input too.
We will review your views and comments after the consultation event and before finalising the plans before the submission of a planning application. There will be further opportunity to express your views before the Local Council make their decision.

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