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Public Hearings PNAAP 23-31 July

The Public Hearings into the PNAAP (Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan) will take place from 23 to 31 July, at Southwark Council offices, Tooley St. The PNAAP is all about planning future developments affecting Peckham, especially the town centre.
If you can get the time, attending on a date for a topic about Peckham that interests you will be well worth it. The dates for the different topics are pasted below. 
The Hearings will be round table discussions chaired by a Government Inspector on a series of questions he has set on a range of interesting topics. Local people who formally registered comments and objections last year, have now been invited to take part in discussions held by the Inspector involving the Council and formal objectors. These are all open to the public who can just turn up. Your fellow residents will be very pleased to have your support and interest.
The detailed daily Hearing programme by topic is attached in PNAAP Hearings programme updated v2 This will show which questions are being discussed on each day, under which topic, and which objectors will be taking part. The list of all the Inspector’s questions under headings called Matters (each with its own subject heading) is here PNAAP – Inspector’s Matters, Issues & Questions If you need help in navigating this process let me know.
We look forward to seeing some of you at the Hearings.
* Tues 23 July  10am to 12.30pm – Legal compliance and procedural matters
* Tues 23 July   1:30pm to 5pm – Housing
* Wed 24 July   10am to 1pm – Leisure & community uses; Open Space, Green Infrastructure & Climate Change
* Wed 24 July   2pm to  5pm – Transport, Infrastructure and Delivery
* Thurs 25 July  10am to 5pm – Economic Development and Regeneration
* Tues 30 July   10am to 1pm – Built Environment
* Tues 30 July    2pm to 5pm – Site Specific Proposals (as a whole)
* Wed 31 July   10am to 1pm – Sites – Peckham Rye Station, Copeland Road Car Park, Eagle Wharf, Sumner Road Workshops.
* Wed 31 July   2pm to 5pm – Sites – Cinema/Multi-storey Car Park, Copeland Industrial Park and former Wooddene Estate.
* Thurs 1 August 2pm to 5pm – Housing – whether ‘affordable rent’ should be identified in the AAP as an acceptable form of affordable housing tenure.

One response to “Public Hearings PNAAP 23-31 July

  1. Julia 29 July 2013 at 2:26 pm

    All meetings during the daytime when many people are working.

    Also, think these events should take place in Peckham

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