Peckham Residents' Network

Welcome to this website, which displays messages posted on or emailed to people who live or work in Peckham, or have other interests in Peckham.

Peckham Vision Summer News

THIS WEEK SATURDAY 24 AUGUST  12:00pm – 8:00pm
from HushHouse Supermarket:
in the CLF Art Cafe, Bussey Building,133 Rye Lane –
A showcase of all things independent and a moment to celebrate creativity. Things to expect on the day include: Buskers, Juice Bars, Clothing Designers, Publicists, Painters, Savoury Foods, Local Condiments, Vintage Resale, Jewellery Designers, Florists, Art Collectives, Printmakers, Tailors, Poets, Handmade Perfumes, Solo Musicians, Live Installations and many more magical things. FREE ENTRY! Visit us at the Peckham Vision stall.
– Website updates
 Topics have included:
* cultural + creative events at the Bussey building & Copeland site, birth place of Peckham Vision.
* Peckham Springs, the new destination behind Bar Story.
* Peckham Rye Station and rail arches development issues.
* Peckham Takeover of the Victoria & Albert Museum 26 July.
* Public Hearings – Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan (PNAAP) 23 July-1 August.
* Peckham as destination, 4 pages in Evening Standard magazine 2nd August.
* Development plans for car wash site on Heaton Rd / Copeland Rd corner.
* New bike hub at Peckham Rye Station.
Bold Tendencies  
Sunday Painter    
CLF Art Cafe          
Bradley Zero @ Canavan’s –
Peckham Refreshment Rooms –
Peckham Springs
The Arches            

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