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Monthly Archives: October 2013

News from Peckham Vision (2) – October 2013

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Early Plans for Peckham Pocket Places

From Peckham Vision Facebook – Message from Hannah at Pocket Places: This month we’re sharing our plans for the Pockets along Rye Lane far and wide; we’ve been talking to various departments in Southwark Council, we’ve toured the pockets with Peckham People, it’s the Rye Lane Traders Association turn next and later we’ll be meeting with Southwark Cabinet Members, Cllr. Fiona Colley for Regeneration and Corporate Strategy and Cllr. Barrie Hargrove for Transport, Environment and Recycling.  Read more of this post

Peckham Rye Station – deputation to Cabinet 22 October 2014

From Peckham Vision Facebook: The Cabinet heard the deputation from Bar Story & Sassoon Gallery, The Sunday Painter, Peckham Refreshment Rooms and Peckham Vision. There were a number of detailed points put to them about discrepancies in the Council documents and what the Council says about the scale and nature of the station site developments. The Council reaffirmed its aim was to focus on the creation of the station square and access to the back of the station, and said that nothing has been decided yet about what happens behind the station.  Read more of this post

Station Gateway 22 October 4pm deputation to Council Cabinet

From Peckham Vision Facebook:      STOP PRESS: 4pm TODAY 22 October at 160 Tooley St – If you are free, come & support the deputation to Southwark Council Cabinet of the small creative enterprises from Blenheim Grove on the latest news about the Station Gateway project. Please pass this info on to your friendly Peckham supporting contacts.  We have uncovered (via FOI information) that the preferred option Network Rail & the Council will consult on in Dec and Jan, and prepare for Planning application in Feb, looks as if it would require a complete clear out of all businesses from Rye Lane and Dovedale Court at the back, and possibly Blenheim Grove and Holly Grove. This is in spite of reassurances to the contrary at the last deputation.   Read more of this post

Save the Peckham Liberal Club

From Peckham Vision Facebook:  Join us and Save the Peckham Liberal Club –;  email for details.

Peckham Chamber Orchestra + orphaned instruments

from Peckham Vision Facebook: 
Peckham Chamber Orchestra (PCO) is a new orchestra meeting once a week in Peckham to rehearse a program culminating in a performance (concert). The aim of PCO is to unite people of all ages, backgrounds and musical abilities in an enjoyable, productive and progressive orchestral community. The orchestra is free to join. The concerts are free to attend. Hannah Jones who has founded the orchestra wants PCO to offer access to classical music for all, both players and spectators. More info: Please contact Hannah if you are interested in joining –
Do you have an instrument lying around – always wanted to get back into playing but it’s just not happened?
Option 1: Join Peckham Chamber Orchestra.
Option 2: donate your unused instrument to Peckham Instrument Orphanage – where it will be re-homed and played. DONATE NOW.

police & community safety contacts

From Peckham Vision Facebook

Info from Police: Policing & community safety:  the Safer Neighbourhoods teams consist of police officers and police community support officers (PCSOs) dedicated to making your neighbourhood a safer place to live in, work in and visit. Local Safer Neighbourhood Team Main phone numbers:

  • Peckham ward 020 8721 2728
  • The Lane ward 020 8721 2729 020 8721 2443
  • Peckham Rye ward 020 8721 2443 020 8721 2445
  • Nunhead ward 020 8721 2445
  • Livesey ward 020 8721 2436     Read more of this post

Rye Lane Pocket Places torchlight tour 22 October 7.30pm

From Peckham Vision Facebook: 

Tues 22nd October join a tour around the Rye Lane Pocket Places by torch light, starting with a cup of hot chocolate at 7:30pm sharp, first come first served! This is the next stage in the Pocket Places project, The ideas from the workshop, have been shaped into the Pocket Places and this is the chance to say what you think of the first plans. Details of the tour starting in Holly Grove: Info about Pocket Places:

Bellenden Road Nature Garden

Message from the Centre for Wildlife Gardening to BRG mailing list
Bellenden Road Nature Garden
As local residents, you may be aware of the Bellenden Road Nature Garden, situated opposite Highshore School, at the Lidl end of Bellenden Road.  Recently, the garden has been neglected of the love and attention it needs to live up to its huge potential as both a garden for wildlife and space for community engagement.
London Wildlife Trust need new volunteers who are interested in becoming involved in regular work days at the site.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Bellenden Road Nature Garden, please contact Hannah Van Hesteren email: or call (Mon-Tues) on 0207 252 9186 .

Art Licks Weekend 4-6 October 2013 in Peckham

From Peckham Vision Facebook: Launching this year, the Art Licks Weekend 4-6 October 2013 will be a three-day event for which young galleries, not-for-profit projects, artist-run spaces and independent curatorial projects will be open free to the public with special events and exhibitions of work by emerging artists. Details for Peckham events: