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Peckham Chamber Orchestra + orphaned instruments

from Peckham Vision Facebook: 
Peckham Chamber Orchestra (PCO) is a new orchestra meeting once a week in Peckham to rehearse a program culminating in a performance (concert). The aim of PCO is to unite people of all ages, backgrounds and musical abilities in an enjoyable, productive and progressive orchestral community. The orchestra is free to join. The concerts are free to attend. Hannah Jones who has founded the orchestra wants PCO to offer access to classical music for all, both players and spectators. More info: Please contact Hannah if you are interested in joining –
Do you have an instrument lying around – always wanted to get back into playing but it’s just not happened?
Option 1: Join Peckham Chamber Orchestra.
Option 2: donate your unused instrument to Peckham Instrument Orphanage – where it will be re-homed and played. DONATE NOW.

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