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Early Plans for Peckham Pocket Places

From Peckham Vision Facebook – Message from Hannah at Pocket Places: This month we’re sharing our plans for the Pockets along Rye Lane far and wide; we’ve been talking to various departments in Southwark Council, we’ve toured the pockets with Peckham People, it’s the Rye Lane Traders Association turn next and later we’ll be meeting with Southwark Cabinet Members, Cllr. Fiona Colley for Regeneration and Corporate Strategy and Cllr. Barrie Hargrove for Transport, Environment and Recycling. 

For those of you who haven’t been able to attend an event please look at the maps below to get a sense of what we’re planning for these spaces. To be clear, these are the very first sketches for the Pockets and are not at all set in stone.  In fact these plans are likely to change after future discussions with any and all of the groups mentioned above. We would love to get your feedback on these early plans and if anything is unclear you can comment below or drop me a line at


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