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News from Peckham Vision (2) – October 2013

Our information distribution system is evolving with the digital media outlets. Messages are now posted frequently on Facebook and twitter as things happen, and then copied on to the PRN
wordpress blog. So if you want to keep up to date you can follow with or the blog at The news items will be summarised in Catch Up News from Peckham Vision every now and then in the direct email system. Also at a glance you can see the news as it unfolded in the last month – scroll down on
A hidden gem has been saved for the benefit of all the community. It is the Peckham Liberal Club at 24 Elm Grove. See here for the magnificent facilities inside: This amazing building is a well preserved piece of local history and an increasingly rare example of the ‘working men’s clubs’ that have largely closed down in London. It is a fantastic venue for all kinds of social and community functions right in the heart of the town centre. It is owned by its members who were on the way to selling it for residential development. At the last moment it was registered by the Save the Peckham Liberal Club (SPLC)  a group founded by Eileen from Peckham Vision and Simon an Elm Grove resident, co-founded by local residents Jessica, Barry, Ben and Corinne, and within days joined by nearly 50 others. Read the first newsletter from the SPLC: and join up.
* 8th November – last date for residents’ proposals for Cleaner Greener Safer projects:
* 25th November 7pm – Peckham & Nunhead Community Council:; Peckham Town Centre developments will be on the agenda.
* 19th December from 7pm – Peckham Liberal Club, 24 Elm Grove, SE15 5DE – an underground jazz evening, with Peckham Pandemonium: an occasional live music evening in the vintage setting of the Peckham Liberal Club, hosted by Count Indigo. Tickets £15 Review Bookshop, Bellenden Road, or online:,
PECKHAM RYE STATION DEVELOPMENT – the Gateway project Network Rail are about to appoint architects to develop the planning application for the new station square and other changes at the station and the land & buildings around it. The Council promise discussion and consultation during December and January on the options for the way this will be done. The creative and cultural businesses affected behind the station were concerned about the brief for the architects’ contract and took a deputation to the Cabinet on 22nd October to clarify the project’s intentions. See here for the story and the outcome:
PUBLIC TOILETS PETITION Members of Peckham Vision and the Rye Lane Traders’ Association presented the petition to the Community Council on 30th September. The petition for public toilets had over 4,270 signatures, all of which had been gathered in or near the town centre. The Community Council agreed that there was a problem and that it should be looked at in the redesign of central Rye Lane in the station developments. See more info:
PECKHAM POCKET PLACES – early plans emerging Hannah Padgett reports that early plans for the pocket places are being developed. The pockets are Holly Grove/Elm Grove; Moncrieff Place in front of the cinema; the Cobbles area opposite the station; Choumert car park; Atwell Rd & Bournemouth Close; the Triangle (outside Nag’s Head). Details: <;. Feedback still in time – go to the weblink or email:
Message from an organisation researching the rich history of the former Holdron’s Department store on Rye Lane. “We are hoping to bring part of its history back to life through a series of unique experiences. Like being in a museum and being able to touch the objects normally locked away behind glass, inspecting them more closely to discover their secrets. We are keen to hear from anyone who may have shopped or worked there, or who may have known someone who did, and can share any of their memories with us. We are also keen to share any photographs you may have of the interior or exterior of Holdron’s, or of people who worked there. Although we are particularly interested in the 1930s era, we are also happy to hear from anyone who has memories or stories of it at any other time. In return for your help, we can offer you an exclusive invitation to the exhibition and our eternal gratitude! contact:, or call 07967 458492.”
PCO is a new orchestra meeting once a week in Peckham to rehearse a program culminating in a concert. PCO aims to unite people of all ages, backgrounds and musical abilities in an enjoyable, productive and progressive orchestral community. The orchestra is free to join. The concerts are free to attend. Local resident and Peckham networker Hannah Jones, who founded the orchestra, wants PCO to offer access to classical music for all, both players and spectators. More info: Please contact Hannah if you are interested in joining –
Do you have an instrument lying around – always wanted to get back into playing but it’s just not happened?
Option 1: Join Peckham Chamber Orchestra.
Option 2: donate your unused instrument to Peckham Instrument Orphanage – where it will be re-homed and played. DONATE NOW.
This garden is opposite Highshore School, at the Lidl end of Bellenden Road.  The garden has been neglected of the love and attention it needs to live up to its huge potential as both a garden for wildlife and space for community engagement. London Wildlife Trust seek new volunteers who would enjoy regular work days at the site.  Please contact Hannah Van Hesteren email: or call (Mon-Tues) on 0207 252 9186. Message from the Centre for Wildlife Gardening –
Info from Police: Safer Neighbourhoods teams consist of police officers and police community support officers (PCSOs) dedicated to making your neighbourhood a safer place to live in, work in
and visit. Local Safer Neighbourhood Team phone numbers:
Peckham ward         020 8721 2728
The Lane ward          020 8721 2729,   020 8721 2443
Peckham Rye ward  020 8721 2443,   020 8721 2445
Nunhead ward          020 8721 2445
Livesey ward            020 8721 2436
Info from Council: You can contact the community wardens on weekdays 8.30am -10pm and Saturdays 9.30am-5pm, Tel: 0207 525 5846 Email: More info: http://

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