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Sat 30 Nov 2013 Network Rail consultation – Peckham Rye Station Gateway project

Message from Peckham Vision  by email – Please note this recent news about an important Network Rail official consultation on long awaited information about the new station square and related developments:
* Venue: Old Waiting Room, Peckham Rye station
* Times: 11am-3pm. More info:
* Information drop-in to hear the latest info & give your views.
This event is being arranged by the architects Weston Williamson & Partners commissioned by Network Rail to prepare the planning application to be submitted in February 2014. See their official information here: It will be an official briefing and an opportunity to discuss initial ideas for redevelopment. There will then be just 6 days until the 6th December to give further responses and comments to the architects for the official report on Phase1.
Some local people have said they have ideas they want to sketch out for the consultation in words or drawings.  If you want to do that, or in any case want to know more before Saturday, please look at the background below.
The idea of the recreation of the square grew from community discussions.  For the history of this see:
In 2012 Southwark commissioned a feasibility / concept design study for the re-creation of the square in front of Peckham Rye Station and associated developments in its surrounds – called the Station Gateway project.  No information was released to the public from this study, until very recently when under FOI (Freedom of Info Act) a plan was released showing proposed uses, including new commercial buildings and new housing, for different parts of the station surrounds; this is referred to as ‘the preferred option’.  You can see and print this outline plan from the Peckham Vision website here:   The ‘preferred option’ is the result of an initial feasibility study, and the newly commissioned architects will be reassessing the plans with your feedback in mind.
The architects Weston Williamson now are developing proposals to submit a planning application in February 2014. The architects’ brief and some other key official documents are available near the top of the page on The architects’ brief invited initial ideas and responses to the ‘preferred concept’ with these general objectives:
** The aim of this project is to unlock the potential of the station by creating a public forecourt, reconfiguring the retail layout and offer, and ensuring that there is a vision for the future of the station and surrounds.  An improved station will be integral to stimulating regeneration within Peckham and Nunhead, creating a focal point and encouraging people to use and enjoy the area around the station.
The project is focussed on integrating the station layout with a new station forecourt and new approach to commercial uses fronting the station and surrounding railway arches.  The new forecourt will complement the existing streetscape and neighbouring and future development opportunities, to allow for pleasant and safe access into and out of the station throughout the day and into the evening.**
We may be able to show community comments and sketches at a Peckham Vision day & evening event 16-18 December (details later). So if you produce anything, do let us have a copy.  Email us at for the arrangements for this, or if you have any queries or need any other information.
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2 responses to “Sat 30 Nov 2013 Network Rail consultation – Peckham Rye Station Gateway project

  1. TransitionTownPeckham 27 November 2013 at 10:21 am

    Reblogged this on Transition Town Peckham and commented:
    There is an important consultation being pushed through very quickly regarding improvements to Peckham Rye Station and surrounding Network Rail buildings. This issue has been under discussion for 5 years, and suddenly architects are commissioned to submit a detailed planning application in 4 months. So time it seems is tight in ensuring that the design reflects the community aspirations and requirements. This project is seen to be that which will kickstart improvements to the wider area around the Rye Lane, so it is clearly important that it works well for us all. There is an open day this Saturday 30th November, please if you can take a visit to express what you would like to see within the development. There will be other opportunities but we need to keep on the ball of these

  2. Spectacle Productions 23 January 2014 at 2:50 pm

    Perhaps you would be interested in our recent and upcoming blog posts about the redevelopment plans for Peckham Rye Station and the Gateway Area.

    We are extremely concerned about Network Rail’s most recent design ideas and are hoping to investigate the issue further. Should any local residents or business owners wish to contact us to discuss their concerns or voice their opinions, please email

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