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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Did you get yr. response in?

From Peckham Vision Facebook: So did you get yr response in to the Network Rail consultation on the Gateway proposals? If you did, and you would like to share them with other local people, please email them to and we will post them up soon on a new page linked to the Peckham Vision Gateway page:  This will contribute to the continuing local discussions about improving the area around the station and the new square.   If you didn’t manage to meet the deadline, and still want to comment, don’t despair! You can still give yr feedback to . The deadline was to get yr comments included in the official report for the Planning Committee. However, Daisy says it is not a cut-off point. She continues to feedback to the architects on a daily basis.


The Sunday Painter in Blenheim Grove

From Peckham Vision Facebook: From Will Jarvis: Hello, I run an art Gallery and studios called The Sunday Painter located in a beautiful Art Deco building on Blenheim Grove, we recently spent over £20,000 redecorating the front of this incredible building. We are one of the sites proposed to be knocked down in favour of six storey generic flats. We currently lease studios to over forty small businesses, artists and designers and over the years we have helped hundreds of young creatives find a decent affordable studio, providing a platform for them to start the often arduous task of trying to get somewhere within the creative industries. Our studios act as an incubator for young creative individuals who go on to other initiates In and around the area.
The Sunday Painter - from pp

Peckham Rye Station consultation deadline 26 Jan

From Peckham Vision Facebook:  The best action you can take right now is to get your views in about the plans to Network Rail and the Council by Sunday 26th January.  To do this, please go to which explains the process. See here for the plans:  Please forward info to anyone you know who has an interest in Peckham so they too can make their comments. The more there are the better. Also please buy a copy of the Southwark News out 23 January which covers the story, and South London Press out 24 January expected to cover it. Write letters to them giving your views – email:, This will really help.  We will post more info in the next few days.

IMG_0935 - PR station con - PublicMeet

public meeting at the Sat 18th January consultation event.


Conserving Peckham’s historic assets 23 Jan 2-6pm

From Peckham Vision Facebook:  Are you interested in Peckham town centre’s historic buildings? If so, try to get to Peckham Library between 2pm – 6pm on Thursday 23 January to see the latest news and discuss the draft Conservation Area Management Plan. Peckham’s historic buildings span over 300 years. Council officers will be there to explain the conservation work and give the latest information on how the historic buildings can be restored in the next few years. The oldest from the 17th century are on the High Street, and then also along Rye Lane range through the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian eras and the different architectural styles of the 20th century. Peckham has a rare collection of buildings covering the period when London evolved from a set of rural villages into the huge cosmopolitan city of today.

Peckham High St oldest village terrace

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Station Redevelopment plans: Comments by 27 January 2014

From Peckham Vision Facebook:  The plans for the station redevelopment are now on line  and display boards are also up in the foyer of Peckham Library. You can email your comments in response to the questions on the feedback form on the website, or write a freeform response.  It is important to get your comments in. The deadline for comments is 27th January. You can see here the report on comments after the first consultation report

redevlopment plan

redevlopment plan

Station redevelopment – Sat 18 Jan 3pm public meeting, 11-5 drop-in

Message from Peckham Vision 
IMPORTANT CONSULTATION  on development proposals for Peckham Rye Station Gateway site:
SATURDAY 18th January
3.00pm Public Meeting – architects’ presentation & discussion
11am – 5pm drop-in exhibition;
at Rye Lane Baptist Chapel, opposite Highshore Rd.
This consultation will be on the outline design proposals for the station Gateway project, and the first opportunity for a public discussion about the way to create the new public square in front of the station, and to improve the rest of the land and buildings around the station. Comments are asked for by 26 January.  If you are available please make sure you get to the meeting at 3pm and the drop-in beforehand. This is urgent and may be the only chance to influence the scale and nature of this development.  Read more of this post

Station Gateway consultation 18th + 20th January 2014

From Peckham Vision Facebook: Station Gateway consultation 18th + 20th January 2014 – IMPORTANT dates for yr diary.  This consultation will be on the design proposals for the station Gateway project. Make sure you get to one of these. First public meeting about the proposals 18th January 3pm Rye Lane Chapel.
Saturday 18th January at Rye Lane Baptist Chapel, 11am to 5pm drop-in exhibition
Saturday 18th January at Rye Lane Baptist Chapel, 3pm public meeting presentation & discussion
Sunday 19th January on line:
Monday 20th January Peckham Square, 2pm-4.30pm drop-in opposite Rye Lane junction
Monday 20th January Peckham Library, display in lobby, feedback forms 4th floor.
PRye station Gateway flyer

Happy New Year from Peckham Vision

happy New Year to you all from Peckham Vision. 

PV New Years greeting 150