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Thurs 20 Mar Art, Music, Politics Must Meet Festival – Bussey building

From Peckham Vision Facebook: Bussey building/CLF Art Cafe, 133 Rye Lane THURSDAY 20 MARCH 12 midday to 2am – Art, Music, Politics Must Meet: full day festival. Art Works, DJ sessions, Workshops, Performances, Music, Poetry, Film Theatre + Video Crit, Open Discussions.
A.M.P. is an experiment, a research project, and utopian initiative to bring practices of Art, Music and Politics together in re-imagining our society, and developing radical culture… realise how these practices each interact with their own limitations, potential … and the roles they play in the forming of culture and community …  During the day, a workshop from 6-8pm: topic this year is the role cultural workers’ play in gentrification. While much of the discussion around this issue has emphasised cultural workers’ lifestyle choices as the driving force of the process, we would like to emphasise wider, structural, political, and economic aspects to gentrification. We hope the workshop can be a space where personal experiences can be contextualised and provide a platform for cultural workers to contribute meaningfully to community struggles around increasing rents, the loss of local businesses, and omnipresent policing.


2 responses to “Thurs 20 Mar Art, Music, Politics Must Meet Festival – Bussey building

  1. Ms-Marple 19 March 2014 at 8:03 am

    Would like to attend workshop..Is this on Thursday 20 th March or Friday 21st March?….the date and day don’t match…

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