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Harriet Harman MP meets Station Gateway businesses 27 Mar 2014

From Peckham Vision Facebook: Harriet Harman MP yesterday met several businesses affected by Network Rail’s Station Gateway plans; the meeting was in the office of Copeland Park (owners of the Bussey building). There was a useful discussion about the issues they face from the uncertainty that Network Rail are issuing notices for eviction by December, even though the recent decisions mean the plans are being reconsidered.
We suggested a regular news email to improve information and communications. This was implemented swiftly by Harriet’s office, and an email news update was issued to their mailing list after the meeting. See copy below. They have promised to make this a biweekly update. Before the meeting we had a walk around central Rye Lane with Harriet to show key buildings and where they fit in the overall local economy. 

HH meeting CP 27 Mar 2014 Bju-_EBCAAAIS0a

Email Update from Harriet Harman’s office:
Southwark Council has now confirmed that the GLA has agreed in principle to extend the consultation period. The Council has also been looking at bringing in a third party to help facilitate or ‘co-design’ the process. We don’t have any more details at the moment but Cllr Fiona Colley should be able to provide an update shortly. Harriet is very keen to ensure that this extended consultation process is open, transparent and inclusive with the Council and Network Rail working together with the community to jointly agree the way forward.
Since Harriet’s last email on the 13th March:
* 19th March – Harriet wrote to David Higgins, CEO of Network Rail, outlining her views on the re-development of the station area (see link below).
* 24th March – She received a reply from the Mayor of London to her letter dated the 17th February (see link below)
* 27th March – Harriet visited Peckham for a tour of the key development sites around the station area, arranged by Eileen Conn of Peckham Vision, followed by a meeting with local
businesses and creative industries at Copeland Park Industrial Estate to hear their views on the plans and the process for consultation.
In the coming days and weeks, Harriet will:
* Meet the CEO of Network Rail
* Clarify with the Council the arrangements for the ‘co-design’ process including the timetable
* Reply to the Mayor of London’s letter (see above)
I will keep you all updated on any developments. But please don’t hesitate to contact me or Harriet at any time with your views, or to feedback ideas that Harriet can raise in meetings on your behalf.
Best wishes,
Charlotte Dunn.
Constituency Office Manager to Harriet Harman MP
Web links:
HH Letter to Network Rail:
Letter from Mayor of London:


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