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Monthly Archives: April 2014

new lifts for Peckham Rye station

From Peckham Vision Facebook: Peckham Rye station is included in the list of a further 42 stations to be included in the Department for Transport’s Access for All programme. This means that lifts to all four platforms will be included in the Gateway development project. See today’s announcement and links:


Community engagement brief for Station Gateway project April 2014

From Peckham Vision Facebook: We have now received from the Council, in response to our request, a copy of the community engagement brief for the next stages of consultation on the Peckham Rye Station Gateway development.  This is out for tender now to eight firms who have to respond by 8th May. The winning bidder will be selected 14th May and will be appointed by the Council in partnership with Network Rail, GLA and Southern Railways who form the project team. The community engagement work will be launched in June following the 22nd May Council elections. The brief gives the timing for the submission of the planning application as ‘Autumn 2014’. If you have any queries or comments you can post them here.


register to Vote by 6th May 2014

Message from Peckham Vision: Local Council elections in London and European Parliament elections are on 22nd May. Join the Vote – Keep our democracy alive! Make sure you are on the elections register by 6th May. Phone: 020 7525 7373 or email:    to ask for the form to send back by post. You need to do this now, and post back by 1st May! Read more of this post

Join the Vote – save our democracy!

From Peckham Vision Facebook:  Peckham Vision works to help local people become more informed about things that affect our neighbourhood, and to take effective action about them. This is a key part of a healthy democracy. Another important part is voting in elections. The numbers of people voting have been declining for many years. A national campaign run by ’38 Degrees’ is supporting us all to help our neighbours to get on to the election register to make sure they can vote in the upcoming elections for local councils (in London) and in the European elections on 22 May. 24 hours left to sign up as a volunteer for this. Will you join this national campaign and help revive our democracy? See


Transforming Bournemouth Close with planting

From Peckham Vision Facebook: Message from Rye Lane Pocket Places: The seeds have been sown for Bournemouth Close to be transformed! Quite literally. Neighbours living close to Bournemouth Close, many of them from Atwell Estate, spent a sunny day planting seeds a couple of weeks ago. The seedlings are now bursting to life in the houses of the participants as well as in greenhouses at the Peckham Wildlife Garden on Marsden Road and at Brockwell Park Greenhouse. They’ll be ready to be planted out in the new Bournemouth Close Community Garden next weekend. Click here for all the information.


Station Gateway:Network Rail letter to Harriet Harman MP 9th April 2014

from Peckham Vision Facebook:  Harriet Harman MP has released for information the letter, 9th April, she has received from Network Rail agreeing to her request to meet them to discuss details of the Station Gateway project and the further community consultation. She says she will let us all know when the meeting is arranged, and asks local people “to keep in touch to let me know your views on this important issue.” Email Harriet Harman:
The Network Rail letter says: “the extended period [of five to six months] will allow us to undertake further meaningful engagement and consultation and engagement with key stakeholders and others in the local community , with a view to submitting a planning application to Southwark Council later in the year.”

Peckham Chamber Orchestra success

Message from PeckhamVision Facebook: Peckham Chamber Orchestra was superb last Tuesday night bringing classical music to Peckham. As Hannah Jones (in the picture), who founded and leads the orchestra, said “classical music was missing in the growing music offer in Peckham.” Now it isn’t any longer. Peckham Liberal Club (PLC) big hall was packed with well over 200 local people enthusiastic for our home grown orchestra. A great thrill for those of us who were involved in helping to save the building from demolition last year. A great local venue for events. The orchestra, all local volunteers, meets to rehearse once a week in the PLC, and this was their second concert. The next concert will be in the summer.

IMG_1429 - PLC audience PCO

Peckham Rye Station Gateway development news

Message from Peckham Vision – The Council and Network Rail announced last week the good news that they are in the process of appointing community engagement specialists to ensure the success of the next stages of consultation (via a co-designing process) on the Peckham Rye Station Gateway development. They are expecting consultation events to start in the summer with a view to developing / submitting a planning application in the autumn. See full statement here:  We have asked for a copy of the brief which the appointed community engagement specialists will have to follow, and also if there is a deadline for the planning application to be submitted. Both of these are important in enabling the success of the co-design process. Read more of this post

New timeline for Peckham Rye station redevelopment

 Message from Southwark Council:  Dear Peckham Stakeholders                         3rd April 2014

We have good news that the GLA has now confirmed that they are willing to extend the deadline for the delivery of the Gateway to Peckham project and that the £5m of funding for the scheme is secure. Network Rail and the Council have decided we need to appoint some community engagement specialists to ensure the next stages of consultation (via a co-designing process) are successful. These specialists will be appointed shortly and we’re expecting consultation events to start in the summer with a view to developing submitting a planning application in the autumn. Please see below the press release that has been issued today.
Cllr Fiona Colley, Cabinet Member for Regeneration & Corporate Strategy, Labour Member for Nunhead Ward  Read more of this post

Peckham Rye Park Changes – 5 April 10am-2pm

From Peckham Vision Facebook: Peckham Rye Park is changing !
* a new children’s playroom *    * new football changing rooms & facilities *   * a new play space *
Come along and give yr views to The Building Exploratory and Southwark Council. Staff will be available to talk about your thoughts and ideas for the future of the park. There will be illustrations by local children from Peckham Rye Park. If you would like to share your thoughts outside of these sessions call 0207 608 0775 or email:   Read more of this post