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Peckham Rye Station Gateway development news

Message from Peckham Vision – The Council and Network Rail announced last week the good news that they are in the process of appointing community engagement specialists to ensure the success of the next stages of consultation (via a co-designing process) on the Peckham Rye Station Gateway development. They are expecting consultation events to start in the summer with a view to developing / submitting a planning application in the autumn. See full statement here:  We have asked for a copy of the brief which the appointed community engagement specialists will have to follow, and also if there is a deadline for the planning application to be submitted. Both of these are important in enabling the success of the co-design process.

We have developed some new maps to illustrate what is giving rise to the media reports of Peckham being a new cultural ‘hotspot’. Please see them here,
and why the central Rye Lane area is so suitable for the emergence of the cultural economy in Peckham. Any development plans, including for the Station Gateway, need to pay particular attention to this to avoid
destroying the reasons for the success, and to the need for an integrated approach to the urban design of central Rye Lane.

News of town centre developments are posted frequently on our social media sites:

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Come to hear and discuss the latest news about the Station Gateway project and other town centre issues at the Peckham Vision stall on
SUNDAY 11th MAY 11am – 4pm
Dulwich Festival Fair at Goose Green
* Volunteers are very welcome to help on the stall for an hour or two. It is a great way to take part in the Fair, meet local people and learn more about the issues. For further info, please email Eileen –
* See highlights from last year of one of the best urban fairs in London!

See you there!

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