Peckham Residents' Network

Welcome to this website, which displays messages posted on or emailed to people who live or work in Peckham, or have other interests in Peckham.

Transforming Bournemouth Close with planting

From Peckham Vision Facebook: Message from Rye Lane Pocket Places: The seeds have been sown for Bournemouth Close to be transformed! Quite literally. Neighbours living close to Bournemouth Close, many of them from Atwell Estate, spent a sunny day planting seeds a couple of weeks ago. The seedlings are now bursting to life in the houses of the participants as well as in greenhouses at the Peckham Wildlife Garden on Marsden Road and at Brockwell Park Greenhouse. They’ll be ready to be planted out in the new Bournemouth Close Community Garden next weekend. Click here for all the information.



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