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Welcome to this website, which displays messages posted on or emailed to people who live or work in Peckham, or have other interests in Peckham.

register to Vote by 6th May 2014

Message from Peckham Vision: Local Council elections in London and European Parliament elections are on 22nd May. Join the Vote – Keep our democracy alive! Make sure you are on the elections register by 6th May. Phone: 020 7525 7373 or email:    to ask for the form to send back by post. You need to do this now, and post back by 1st May! It was a long hard struggle to win the right to vote. In many parts of the world, some still can’t vote and some die for it.  So it is really important to vote to keep our democracy alive. Let’s all vote for democracy! A national campaign run by ’38 Degrees’  is supporting us all to help our neighbours to get on to the election register to make sure they can vote in the upcoming elections for local councils (in London) and in the European elections on 22 May. Will you join this national campaign and help revive our democracy?


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